Fear…in uncertain times

I was reading my devotion this morning and it talked about fear. The word fear in scripture is interesting because, when we read that, we think of the natural inclination of being scared or afraid right? Like I should FEAR God! but that is not exactly what it means. It actually means respect to Respect the Lord.

It is so easy for us to be upset and rightfully so. We are a nation, a people who in this age are used to having things/ answers at our fingertips. So at the unknown, we claim up. Want to be reassured. We want to know that no matter what happens we are going to be ok. Isaiah 41:13 talks about grasp. How he holds or “grasps”our right hand. In the second line of this verse it says ” Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” I think for people, this is a hard concept as we want a tangible way for this. Like how is God helping? What things in our lives can we see him helping us? providing?

I know for me, him providing in ways that don’t seem possible are for me, ways of him helping, putting my human fear to rest and trusting that in spite of what is going on, that He will provide. It may not be the way I expect, or want him to but that in these times of uncertainty he is working.

Something that I tell people all the time is that God is not a Genie. He is not going to zap what we want to happen the moment that we want it to. Sometimes those things that we want aren’t always what we need. Sometimes even in the timing that we want isn’t always the best. His presence, knowing that he is there even when we freakout, get upset, and not know what is happening he is weeping with us. Giving us strength even when it is not noticed to endure the next moment, the next second, the next minute.


We are not given a spirit of fear.

With everything going on right now, with the Corona Virus. Shutting down schools, laying people off, shutting down stores and other small businesses. It’s no wonder that there is a spirit of fear. We as americans are taught to seek the truth. To look out for ourselves and to always have a plain. What happens when we don’t know the plain? As things are not certain at this time in or life. Living day by day hoping that it gets better.

The one thing that we are certain of is that God is in control. I know that is so hard to hear/believe with all the chaos that is around. I know for me, I’ve been out of work for two weeks, with not knowing if we are going to be able to reopen or what the future is for my company. As well as being Type one Diabetic and being in that demographic of people who can contract the virus. I take comfort in knowing that the one constant thing is that God is in control. That he is going to turn the bad for good and that even in the uncertain times that I know that I don’t have to fret (even though I forget and do). Isaiah 41 talks about trusting in God even when Isaiah was not confident in that as well. It is a love letter to God.

I know for me, I sometimes can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel or exactly how it will play out. This Time in history is scary, uncertain and a lot happening. One thing I do know though is that what does happen, I know that GOd is going to be there, guiding my actions, thoughts and fears. and knowing that if I do break and freak out, that he is there and puts people in place to help and guide me.

Jesus and Social Work

I know it’s been a while since I have blogged about any thing but I thought that this was an interesting topic to blog about. I am getting my bachelors in Social Work at Thomas University. So my Co-Worker ( who is a social worker) and I were talking about what I was taking and how being compassionate and empathetic, even when uncomfortable to us, was similar to Jesus, I mean think about it. HE ate with tax collectors and Prostitutes, He had empathy for the oppressed and he hung out with people who were less than perfect.

In Social Work, Having compassion and Empathy is key to a great social worker while upholding the core values of social work as well. Social workers speak for the voiceless, and help the helpless. We sometimes are the last resort for someone. Jesus was those things. He talked to people who were looked at as the scum of the earth by the “holy People.” He gave people hope and called out the injustices of the time.In Luke 7: 38-50 ¬†that is what was happening. Remember when the prostitute washed his feet? being the time period Women were property. ¬†They were not alloyed to speak let alone have a thought with out permission. And here was a women, who was doing something that people viewed unforgivable, washing the feet of the most high. Using perfume that was probably the last of it that she had and when Simon (also known as Peter) pointed it out, Simon Who was distraught, Jesus pointed out that he didn’t do that to him! to me it shows that Jesus went against the cultural “norms” of the time. I mean if Jesus was a prophet by the standards of the time, he would have not have let this women do this. Because he saw her for her, and he had compassion, He forgave her sins and sent her on her way.

Isn’t that what we do as Social workers (minus forgiving sins)? We look at people for people. We look past the decisions that they made and the mistakes that have taken place and simply see them as people. Not looking at them for what they have done. I see a lot of the same principles in Social Work as I do in my faith. Loving my neighbor as myself and also do unto others. I just thought it was interesting. I am constantly enamored by what God does for me and what he continues to show me. I really feel he has called me to this profession and I can’t wait to see what he does in it.