It’s been a while

It has been a long time since I last posted. As with anything, life got in the way. Since I last posted I have had many things happen.

  1. I got married. The post about my boyfriend that is on this blog, is now my husband. We got married over two years ago. IT is crazy to think that it has been that long of us being married. Living, loving, laughing.
  2. I graduated with my BSW. Shortly after I got engaged, I graduated with my BSW from Thomas University. I couldn’t believe that I accomplished that goal. after graduating I took a job working for a call center in the college that I was working at. Answered calls for the college about admissions, Advising and Financial aid. More on that later.
  3. I moved states. That’s right! I no longer live in Florida. We moved to Pennsylvania about 5 months ago and let me tell ya it was a lot. But we made it. I love it. for one we actually have seasons and two I actually have a social work job.
  4. We got a dog. How could I forget precious Opal. we rescued opal shortly after we were married. She is a coonhound mix and absolutely Keeps us on our toes. She does not disappoint. She is obnoxious, a diva and we love her. She honestly deserves the type of life that he has now from the life that she had. (Photo attached)
  5. I work as a DSP. I work with my dream population. I work with individuals that have Mild intellectual disabilities. I go out with them in the community or in a nursing home setting and we work on their goals and various other things. Every day is new and there is never a dull moment.

I plan on updating all the new adventures that I have been doing and posting more consistently as there are really cool things going on in my life and I want to share that regularly.

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Being Still

Letting yourself be still. It is so hard in this crazy time. I mean think about it, when do we be still in our busy lives right? But as we are forced in this time to be inside, to stay healthy, why not take this time to be still. To let God Move. Even if it’s ten minutes or five.

I know for me, I love to be busy. I love to have every moment planned out and be filled with productive things. My devotion this morning was Romans 12:2 Revelation 2:4 Colossians 1:27. Talking about how relying on God and not having Idols. It is so easy to have those things. Especially when we the things that God blesses is what we use to talk to God as an incentive instead of letting him guide, allow him strictly to just be in love with you as his child. That can be hard. has we navigate this time. Navigate the time of uncertainty.

I encourage all you guys to let him guide you today! Stay safe and stay healthy.


Right now in an uncertain time, is important to be thankful for the things that you have. I realized this after today when I look around and see how thankful I am. Being able to be in in a place to live. To have the things we have, to have food in our fridge/ cabinet. I think that the hardest thing for us as people is the Idea that we don’t feel that we have support. Support from something that none of us know really what to expect. Hebrews 12: 28-29 talks about gratitude. How God provides in the storm. It is so hard to always remember that. Even when we break down, when we cry, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be grateful.

Think about the things that you are grateful for? Even if it is hard. Even if you have to think of it. Make a list? Pros and cons? WHat things are you guys doing to remember gratefulness in these times.

Fear…in uncertain times

I was reading my devotion this morning and it talked about fear. The word fear in scripture is interesting because, when we read that, we think of the natural inclination of being scared or afraid right? Like I should FEAR God! but that is not exactly what it means. It actually means respect to Respect the Lord.

It is so easy for us to be upset and rightfully so. We are a nation, a people who in this age are used to having things/ answers at our fingertips. So at the unknown, we claim up. Want to be reassured. We want to know that no matter what happens we are going to be ok. Isaiah 41:13 talks about grasp. How he holds or “grasps”our right hand. In the second line of this verse it says ” Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” I think for people, this is a hard concept as we want a tangible way for this. Like how is God helping? What things in our lives can we see him helping us? providing?

I know for me, him providing in ways that don’t seem possible are for me, ways of him helping, putting my human fear to rest and trusting that in spite of what is going on, that He will provide. It may not be the way I expect, or want him to but that in these times of uncertainty he is working.

Something that I tell people all the time is that God is not a Genie. He is not going to zap what we want to happen the moment that we want it to. Sometimes those things that we want aren’t always what we need. Sometimes even in the timing that we want isn’t always the best. His presence, knowing that he is there even when we freakout, get upset, and not know what is happening he is weeping with us. Giving us strength even when it is not noticed to endure the next moment, the next second, the next minute.


We are not given a spirit of fear.

With everything going on right now, with the Corona Virus. Shutting down schools, laying people off, shutting down stores and other small businesses. It’s no wonder that there is a spirit of fear. We as americans are taught to seek the truth. To look out for ourselves and to always have a plain. What happens when we don’t know the plain? As things are not certain at this time in or life. Living day by day hoping that it gets better.

The one thing that we are certain of is that God is in control. I know that is so hard to hear/believe with all the chaos that is around. I know for me, I’ve been out of work for two weeks, with not knowing if we are going to be able to reopen or what the future is for my company. As well as being Type one Diabetic and being in that demographic of people who can contract the virus. I take comfort in knowing that the one constant thing is that God is in control. That he is going to turn the bad for good and that even in the uncertain times that I know that I don’t have to fret (even though I forget and do). Isaiah 41 talks about trusting in God even when Isaiah was not confident in that as well. It is a love letter to God.

I know for me, I sometimes can’t always see the light at the end of the tunnel or exactly how it will play out. This Time in history is scary, uncertain and a lot happening. One thing I do know though is that what does happen, I know that GOd is going to be there, guiding my actions, thoughts and fears. and knowing that if I do break and freak out, that he is there and puts people in place to help and guide me.

Grad school

If you are anything like me, you never wanted to go to college. Now here I am, Accepted into Marywood University’s MSW program. I cant believe that me, the kid who didn’t want to go to college is now a graduate student. It floors me.

I will be going for, as I said above, the MSW (Master of Social work) program. I already have a BSW (bachelor of Social work). Which will carry over into my MSW. Things that I am so excited about:

This will open doors for me that can only have me advance my career. I want to be a better social worker and want to show that the challenges that we have don’t define who we are or stop us from achieving the things that we want. I want to use these skills to help people of all walks of life. I want to blend SW and Theology to help people within the church with whatever they are going through.

I know that it will lead me to to bigger paths and open doors that honestly only God knows about and what he has planned. I mean after all, that is how I got here anyway with pursuing a masters. If you have any questions or need someone to bounce ideas off of, let me know in the comments. Also i’m going to try to do better with posting more often. Im think Saturdays as Im off work and have easier access to a computer.

Insulin Rationing

In the morning call ( The Lehigh valleys newspaper) there is an article about insulin rationing, which I will link below. This is something that should not be happening. Rationing insulin because a vial or pen acoustic so much that you have to pick between groceries or your meds. Sometimes you can’t even afford that. It’s crazy and ridiculous. people should not have to choose. And before comments start rolling in about Walmart insulin, yes it is 25 dollars a vile. But not everyone can take Walmart insulin as it’s an off brand. What happens if they are allergic? What happens if they don’t even have 25 dollars to buy it. This is something that would not be a thing.


World Diabetes Day!

Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day! As I sit here grateful that I have enough insulin to keep me alive, there are tons of people in not just the US, but around the globe, that do not have insulin or do not have the access to get it. I’m not talking about the westernized countries, but the non-westernized ones that have a hard time paying for food or getting water, let alone affording the medications that keep them alive — as well as the people in the US who have to ration their insulin and have ultimately died because they have to pick between food or a life-saving drug.

In honor of that, wear blue — not just for me, but for those that have been lost or the ones that struggle every day to get the meds that they need to live.

Also, take it one step further. Get involved. Talk to Type 1 Diabetes International Foundation to learn how to get access to insulin around the world and what they are doing to make that happen. Attached is the site for t1international that has resources available. Pleas consider


Sitting and pondering

As I sit here and drink my coffee thinking of all I have to do to day on my technical day off, I reflect on much more. Looking at the different leaves outside my window and seeing, noting how awesome God’s creation is. Having time with God is important and unfortunately, I’ve neglected that. I used to wake up in the mornings and after doing my morning glucose check (yay diabetes!) and taking the dog out, I would make breakfast and then do my devotional.

Guiltily I think I didn’t know what new devo to do as I wrapped up my latest one. Then I get the idea that I could do my Devo’s electronically. I quickly realize that i’m an old school kind off guy and would rather feel the pages and be directly in the word with my as I call it, my Gigantor bible as Steve is doing his VIP Kids side job in the living room. But this morning is different. I wake up, Steve is asleep still from election coverage the night before, I just have a moment with God. No bible, no cute devo. Just prayerful. Coming to him. Thanking, repenting and asking with a humble heart. Rattling off my fears and concerns like a child with Santa but also wanting to listen to any new direction that he may have.

In speaking of direction, today I have my grad school interview for Marywood University. I don’t know how I got here! but i’m glad that I did. I know that God for sure orchestrated it. Jeremiah 21:11 comes to mind and I can’t but be so grateful and at peace with whatever happens. That’s what I brought to the Lord. To calm, correct and bring peace. He has brought us this far and I’m SO excited to see where he takes me, us, in this life. He is my rock and fortress and shield. I’m so thankful for that and all the cool things he is going to do in my life/social work career.

What does November mean…for diabetics?

The month of November isn’t just about Thanksgiving and the glorious delicious food. (Let’s be honest. That is what most of us are wanting.) It’s about something else. As you all know, I am a type one diabetic and have been for three years. It has been crazy and challenging but I keep working towards keeping my numbers balanced. With all that said, this month is Diabetes Awareness month.

What does that mean?

Well it means is that for the whole month there can and will be awareness spread about diabetes. People either living with the chronic illness or by the American Diabetes Association will put out different things as well.

What can I do to help?

You can tweet, post, update or simply talk about diabetes and all things that is effecting diabetics everywhere, such as insulin rationing to people in countries not even getting access to insulin or having to be forced to use insulin that might make them sick or break out. Educate, educate, educate. I can’t say that enough. Know the differences between type 1 and type 2. Know the basics for your diabetic loved ones. Learn the things that are hurtful, even unintentionally, not to say. Finally advocate. So much change happens with advocacy. Advocate for change that insulin isn’t shooting up to 100s of dollars a vial for people to STAY ALIVE!

What resources are available?

I’m going to link a few sites for y’all that are helpful. Feel free to look around and see what things you can find. Feel free to message me and let’s start a convo about this topic! You can also simply leave a note in the comments as well.